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Next up: Lunch Talk – How is gender presented in VR 19/3 12:00

Workshop – 3D Modeling
19/3 17:00 & 22/3 11:00

Our Community

We’re a community of Game Developers who believe one learns better together. At The Great Journey we help you develop games no matter if you run a hobby project, a startup or an established game studio.
TGJ is a hotspot for game developers, here we co-lab, jam, make games and learn about game development. 

Meetups every Thursday

Here’s where you meet other game devs, make new friends, learn and find out about new stuff in the games industry locally and globally. It’s simple, we do Meetups every Thursday 5-7 pm.


Tired of sitting home alone and making slow progress with your game creation? Sign up for a workspace and get things done. We offer an inspiring co-working area as well as meeting facilities, coffee and colleagues.

The Great Journey Femmes

Meetups free from mansplaining.
The future is digital so what do you want it to look like?
Become a digital creator – create and develop games you want to play. 
The Great Journey Femmes is exclusively for women and non-binary.

Workshops and Lectures

Twice a month we offer workshops in game design/development. Keep an eye on our website for details.

Game Jams

A game jam is a gathering of people for the purpose of planning, designing and creating a game within a short span of time [48hrs]. Focusing on the joy and creativity of making games. Typically the participants are programmers, musicians, designers, animators, 3D-artists, writers, voice actors, basically ANYONE INTERESTED IN MAKING GAMES.  Join as a team or solo.  Bring a computer and any necessary equipment such as  guitar, microphone, network cables, snacks, etc.
The Great Journey typically organises a game jam twice every quarter so keep an eye on our website, Discord and other social media.

Inclusive Environment

We welcome new people to join the community. If you feel different, that’s ok we like diversity and more people bring more opportunities. By sharing experiences and knowledge we grow both as individuals and as a team. It’s about supporting each other. My success stems from making my fellow teams successful. If we share, co-create and work together we will make better games while having more fun.
Our shared values are based on the quality of including many different types of people and treating them fairly and equally. By sharing ideas and knowledge we open up for people to contribute to making better games.

Upcomming Events

Lunch talk – How is gender presented in vr

Lunch Talk about norm criticism and how gender is presented in immersive technologies. First 25 to register get a free lunch. 
Lunch from 12,
talk starts 12:10 – 1 pm

Wizard: Linda Ryan Begtsson

Link to event

Introduction to 3D Modeling part 1

Learn how to build 3D models, This is an introduction to the 3D application Blender. The course runs over two dates. This is the first date. 

Thursday 19/3 5-7pm & Sunday 22/3 11 am – 1 pm
Wizard: Blair Bergman

Link to event

Introduction to 3D Modeling part 2

Learn how to build 3D models, This is an introduction to the 3D application Blender. This is the second class out of two.  

Thursday 19/3 5-7pm & Sunday 22/3 11-1 pm
Wizard: Blair Bergman

Link to event

Introduction to 3D Texturing part 1

Lern how to create textures in Blender in this two day introduction course.

Thursday 26/3 5 pm & Sunday 29/3 11am – 1 pm
Wizard: Blair Bergman

Link to event


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