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Friday Stories

Introducing Friday Stories!
A unique game jam / workshop series for indie game developers.
Join us in inspiring the future of game development.

Our goal is to inspire students and game developers to make games by introduing them to other industry proffessionals. Knowledge and skills transfer where game industry professionals host workshops on both narrative and inclusive game design.

Friday Stories consists of two parts. Part one starts with an industry professional holding a short talk on a topic and then the participants take what they learn and create a game concept or prototype during part two, the workshop.
Workshop is the way we get people engaged. #learningbydoing.

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Experience Designer

Get an interdisciplinary competence in game development, experience-based design, game design, UX, VR / AR, gamification, business development and leadership. Welcome to a new exciting professional role where you are involved in influencing the future of business whether it’s game development or digital transformation.
The demand for the professional role of Experience Designers (UX) is increasing in today’s society. User experiences, game development, sustainable business models and digital innovation are at the heart of development. Today we have tremendous opportunities to create experiences with new technology, not least through VR / AR and AI. Business’ continuous work with improving the customer experience. In addition, digital experiences and conversational UX are becoming increasingly important. Late applications submitted after the 5th of May will still be taken into consideration. So we recommend you to submit your application. The course is developed together with Embracer Group, InUse, Combined Excellence CGI and others.  

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Indie Game Developer

During the one year course you will create three games and make new additions to your portfolio.
After the education you will have gained the knowledge to create games on your own and together with others. You will receive a broad knowledge whilst having the time to explore and boost the area you like the most. The education is a collaboration between Future Games, Kristinehamn Folkhögskola and Värmland’s game development community The Great Journey. The Great Journey will support students with opportunities to bring their games to the next level through business development . The education is developed together with the game indústry and on the advisory board you find companies such as Mirage Game Studios, Embracer Group, Amplifier Game Invest.

The application is sent in via Schoolsoft and you will need to select Kristinehamn folkhögskola when you apply. 

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Easy lifestyle 

The courses are located at Karlstad Innovation Park and uses The Great Journey’s hub.  It’s a fabulous place where everything is close by. There are restaurants, cafés, gyms and a house full of innovative people and companies plus both Experience Designer and Indie Game Developer courses are located at Karlstad Innovation Park.

We are located next to Karlstad University and there are plenty of flats, rooms and student accomodation in the nearby area.
Try these links: Karlstad studentbostäder, Lecab Fastigheter, KBAB,  Rohm & Co, Klara förvaltning.

Night Life 
A vibrant night life with lots of clubs and bars as well as gerat outdoor activities horse riding, football,  ice hockey(!), skateboarding and we’re close to fantastic skiing in the winter and in the summer the amazing lake Vänern with sailing and other watersports.

Easy to get here 
It’s all about location and Karlstad is only 2,5  hours by train from Gothenburg, Oslo and Stockholm. 

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UF Make A Game

Are you studying at gymnasiet and want to make games? This is an opportunity to make a game and at the same time learn how to set up, run a company within the school curriculum. Make A Game teams are welcome to work with their games at TGJ. An opportunity to get to know game studios and game developers and share tips and tricks.   
UF Make A Game is an initiative by Ung företagsamhet, Embracer Group, Mirage Game Studios and The Great Journey to support youngsters in game development and entrepreneurship with the vision of  more game studios in Värmland.


World Building

Hogwarts, Narnia, Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland, World of Warcraft (Azeroth) the list of made up worlds can be made long. This course lets you explore and understand fictional worlds and how to create them as well as learning how to work focused using creative processes.  


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Introduction Courses 

We offer introduction courses to game development. If you’re interested in 3D-modelling, game engines (Unity and Unreal Engine), pixel art, sound production or how to integrate music into games? A short course is a great way to get going with new applications. 

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Rooms for rent – Student Accomodation

We are located at Innovation Park next to Karlstad University and there are plenty of flats, rooms and student accomodation in the nearby area.
Try these links: Karlstad studentbostäder, KBAB, Lecab Fastigheter,  Rohm & Co, Klara förvaltning.

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