The Great Journey Game Jam #1 

Värmlands Game Dev Community

During the weekend of 24th and 25th of november we held a game jam here at The Great Journey. A big thank you to all the awesome folks who participated! The theme which was announced at 10 o’clock saturday morning was the only guiding lines provided for us to interpret into the game ideas.  This particular jams theme was: “Forever Alone”.

Among our five teams we saw a wide spectrum of interpretations garnering very interesting ideas reaching from Team Blue Chair Group’s endless space / tower defense game AL-1 to Team 1’s experience of finding a peer in crowds of people avoiding you. 

In total contrast to the jams theme we had a lovely 32 hours jam period together sharing food, joy and ideas back and forth with eachother. It was all about the enjoyment of the process in making games. However we finished the last hour with a collective appreciation to the project we favored the most. I’m happy to announce that the winner of The Great Journeys Game Jam #1 is: Team Hic Sunt Dracones with their game “Time Breakers” A 3D plattformer that puts you on a quest to find the broken pieces of time before it disrupts completely, thus putting everyone you know freezed in time. Congratulations!

Tom & Rafael with the game “Time Breakers”. Missing from picture is Thor and Rebecca

A game jam is defined as a process or activity where participants improvise without extensive predetermined guidelines or preparation, and where the process itself is in focus. Based on a theme and some very simple guidelines, participants then form groups and collaborate on developing a game prototype, in our jam within the span of 32 hours.