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Agera Games

We make fun games that feel good.

TOSS!🍌  is a VR climbing platformer game where you play as an acrobatic ape with the strength to swing and toss yourself freely between obstacles in challenging playgrounds. 🐒

Get the latest updates: @TossVR on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We also have a Discord and a subreddit at /r/TossVR.

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Insanto is an homage to the classic point and click adventure games that we grew up with. This 2.5D adventure is about a cow and her sidekick hen, on a quest to save their beloved farmer whilst taking down the evil corporation Insanto.

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Nine Lives 

The game is a turn based solo/coop game, that plays out in their recently deceased father’s house. It is based on random generated rooms so you will never know what the outcome might be, you will have to explore each room and fight your way to solve one of the many stories the house has in store.

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Forgebyte Studio

We make VR games!

Currently working in an unannounced VR FPS title with a focus on the possibility that VR gives to the FPS genre.

Follow our development on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Wanna make conversation? Join out Discord and our subreddit.

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M.A.S.S. – MASS is Another Space Shooter

This is the first VR-game for mobile at The Great Journey. So very exciting! Web page:

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Binary Underground

Currently working on the title “B.U.G. Force”.This is a multi-player VR Shoot ’Em Up, inspired by the Amiga game Gravity Force from the 80’s.
A game which values navigational skills in combination with shooting accuracy similar to the inspirational game.

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Made in Värmland

Some of the games made by studios and teams 

Dead Locked Dungeon

A third person platformer puzzle game in which you must help yourself from another timeline to overcome challenges.

Staffan Olsson – Animation
Patrick Standfast – Music
Danielle Woods – Art
Niels Van Alphen – Art
Erik Lenzing – Programming
Simon Bergqvist – Programming
Björn Toreld – Art
Gurbaj Singh Virk – Art
Einar Markskog – Programming


Blind Survival

A zombie adventure-horror game, and on top of that: a unique blind simulator.

Blind and visually impaired can enjoy this adventure just as much as sighted people.

Do you have the guts to survive in the darkness?


Shipping Mayhem

Fight wacky physics in this game jam game. Use the crane to recklessly toss containers onto a tumbley boat. Make sure to meet your quota before the timer ends!

Blair Bergman – 3D art
Eddie Klint – 2D art
Rasmus Zetterström – Sound
Simon Bergqvist – Programming


M.A.S.S – Mass Is Another Space Shooter (8-bit version)

8-bit version of the mobil VR-game M.A.S.S. (Mass is Another Space Shooter). A space rail shooter.

Einar Markskog – Everything


E=mC# feat. Einar Einstein

Einar Einstein Infiltrates the Nazi Bomb Factory!

Einar Markskog – Art
Phillip Källblad – Music
Gustav Söderström – Programming
Marlene Sundberg – Writing & Game 


Screen Thief

Screen Thief is a game where your health is relative to your screen.
Steal your opponents hp to increase your own screen size and to mush your foes
into a tiny screen!

Jonathan Persson – Programmer
Niels Van Alphen – Gamedesigner/Art
Sebbastian – Gamedesigner/Art


Jelly Falls

A charming mobile game underwater. Draw a line or insert dots in order to guide the jellyfish into collecting stars and avoid obstacles. 

Arsineh Boodaghian – Everything


Lava Run

A retro inspired endless runner with local multiplayer

Einar Markskog – Everything


Black Widow’s Darlings

As the Black Widow’s eggs hatch the spiderlings crave food. Survive for as long as possible in this top down wave defense game featuring catchy tunes.

Victor – Art / Music
Björn Toreld – Art
Kai Langegert – Programming
David Kutschke- Programming


Storming Luna

A first person shooter in which you defend a colony from rabid werewolfs on the moon. 

Staffan Olsson – Programming
Daniel Deurell – Music
Phillip Källblad – Music
Blair Bergman – Graphics


Moon Slingers

A celestial fight between planets. Aim and calculate your missiles trajectory as they are affected by challenging gravity. Featuring online multiplayer. 

Gustav Söderström – Programming
Henric Augustsson – Programming
Tom Olsson – Graphics
TBA – Music
TBA – Music