Värmlands Game Dev Community

Q. What is The Great Journey?

A. It’s a community of game developers. We are dedicated to creating the best environment for everyone and everything related to game development. We are a non-profit initiative by Karlstad Innovation Park and Embracer Group, Sticky Beat and Compare. 

Q. How do I join?

A. Visit our weekly meet ups. Meetups on Thursdays 5-7 pm or drop by weekdays between 9am – 3 pm. 

Q. Does it cost money to join?

A. No, it’s free of charge, the lab with hardware, software and new friends and peers. 

Q. Does The Great Journey claim IP rights or ownership of ideas, prototypes and products?

A. No we don’t claim anything.  It’s a non-profit project by Karlstad Innovation Park, Embracer Group, Sticky Beat, Compare with no intention of personal profit.   

Q. Are the events, meetups etc held in Swedish?

A. We speak Swedish unless there is one or more people present and we will speak English.  Both are languages are ok to use. We are an inclusive community. 

Q. What is The Great Journey Femmes?

A. It’s a hub exclusively for women and non-binary interested in game development. A place free from mansplaining, a place where new ideas can be explored and new concepts developed.

Q. Can I bring my own laptop?

A. You are welcome to work on your own laptop or use one of the TGJ computers.

Q. What hard ware and soft ware TGJ have?

A. We have some state of the art computers (2 screens with every computer) with good graphic cards and there’s Creative Suite, Autodesk Maya and more.

Q. Can I read your privacy policy?

A. Sure! http://thegreatjourney.se/privacy-policy/