Värmlands Game Dev Community


There is an insatiable interest in games and there is an ever growing crowd of game devs creating new games, moving boundaries and delivering new experiences.   


Women are a growing group of gamers. I estimate 35/65% women/men visiting Gamescom 2018. 

We saw new and interesting indie games for example Trübberbrook, an Twin-Peaks-inspired point-and-click with stop-motion style animation. Many indie games had a very distinct graphic style as an important part of the game. 

Retro is hot, both as a gimmick and as a graphic style. Everything from 1980’s Swedish milieu in Generation Zero to Battlefield V.

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Not many new AAA titles. Worth mentioning are two new releases;  Sekiro, Shadow’s die twice and Ghost of Tsushima. We saw a lot of repackaging of tested concepts such as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the next instalment of the World of Warcraft franchise: Battle for Azeroth. 

We enjoyed getting some inside info from the Unity engine team (release schedule for ECS-system). It is an eye opener seeing the amount of different game ideas and how they can lead to success. It was intense days of testing new cool games like Worbital & GTFO. 


As a visitor you can listen to master classes and workshops on graphic design and different tools. An opportunity to test new software and talk to the developers.  

It was very inspiring to walk Gamescom’s Indie Arena is the largest joint game developer booth in the world. This is where small studios present their games, last year more than 70 developers from 26 countries took part. 


Products (hardware) use games to market their products. For example, McLaren has released a car exclusively for Forza/Xbox in order to connect with their audience and build relations and need for their cars.

About Gamescom

Gamescom 2018 had 370 000 visitors including 31200 trade visitors from 114 countries. This makes it the biggest games fair in the world. Gamescom has grown with about 30 000 visitors yearly the last five years. 

Planning to go to Gamescom?

Are you planning to go to gamescom for the first time? Want to know what you shouldn’t miss? We have listed the 5 most popular goodies to go:

1. Goodie Bag

Of course, you can’t miss a Goddie Bag to collect the presents you’ve got. You’ll get a bag like that at a lot of booths. Then let’s get started.

2. T-Shirt

At the booths of gamescomwear you can buy stylish T-shirts, which will always remind you of the great visit of the trade fair. Also our exhibitors have cool shirts for you.

3. Beta Accesses

After testing a game, you will be given beta access by one or the other exhibitor. With this you have the possibility to play a new game online before it is released.

4. Lanyards

Of course, a cool new lanyard should not be missing! Keep your eyes open and collect great lanyards.

5. Poster

Which gamer would not like to have a poster of his favorite game? Be curious and get a lot of presents!