TGJ to Sweden Game Conference [OLD]

Värmlands Game Dev Community

We are so excited! The Great Journey will for the first time ever show the teams games at a public event. We’ll be show casing 5 games at Sweden Games Conference 17-20 of October 2018 in Skövde together with indie game devs from The Game Incubator and established game studios.

We’ve got a booth at Sweden Game Conference  which we will fill with games and people from the five teams. We will showcase two Virtual Reality games for HTC Vive, a mobile VR game, one game for Nintendo Switch and a PC game. 

Title: Sticky Situation
Platform: PC 
Web page: 
Title: M.A.S.S  – MASS is Another Space Shooter
Platform: Mobile VR, Android. 
Web page:
Title: B.U.G. Force   
Platform: VR, HTC Vive
web page:
Titel: Knock out 
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Title: Hands Up!
PLatform: VR, HTC Vive 
web page: